The Norfolk family of Hull branched away from the York area in the late 1830s, about fifteen years after my own ancestors had moved away to Pollington.

 The Hull "dynasty" was founded by John Norfolk who was christened in Bishopthorpe, York in 1802. He was the cousin of my gt-gt-gt-grandfather, John Norfolk who was christened in Wigginton, York in 1799. They were both brought up in Copmanthorpe, York, which is where John (b1802) married Mary Morley in 1828. John and Mary's first six children - Elizabeth 1829, Thomas 1830, Christopher 1832, John 1834, Mary 1835 and a second John 1838 - were christened in Copmanthorpe, but in 1838 they moved over to Hull where they had four more - Hannah 1840, Isabella 1847, Richard 1851 and William 1853. The exact reason why they moved forty miles away to Hull isn't known but it's almost certainly due to the need to find suitable work. John Norfolk was, by trade, a blacksmith and it is possible he went to Hull to use his skills in the shipbuilding industry that was developing rapidly at that time.

Interestingly, Copmanthorpe Parish Records show that although the family was living in Hull in 1838, they brought their new son, John, back to Copmanthorpe to be christened there.


Children of John Norfolk and Mary Morley

 1.  Elizabeth, christened 1829 in Copmanthorpe

 2.  Thomas 1830-1893, christened in Copmanthorpe, died in Hull

 3.  Christopher 1832-1893, christened in Copmanthorpe, died in Hull

 4.  John, christened and died 1834 in Copmanthorpe

 5.  Mary, christened 1835 in Copmanthorpe

 6.  John, 1838-1913, christened in Copmanthorpe, died in Hull

 7.  Hannah, born 1840 in Hull

 8.  Isabella, born 1847 in Hull

 9.  Richard 1851-1920, born and died in Hull

10. William, born 1853 in Hull


Descendant Charts  have been kindly supplied to me by Kathleen Byford (nee Norfolk), a Hull descendant of John Norfolk, No. 6 on the above list) and these show how the Hull branch grew. Click here to see them.


With Kathleen's help I've compiled a Pedigree of the Norfolks of Hull which shows virtually all of the Hull Norfolks I currently know about and shows how they connect to the rest of the family.